Genuine Leather Black & Silver Buckle Dress Belts

by Curse and Kisses
Save 40%



1、Soponder leather belt has a simple design, with sturdiness and durability as the first step.

2、All belts come with a guaranteed warranty of 1 years. If it breaks before then, you will get a new leather belt for free!

3、Soponder leather belt smooth edges, environmentally friendly glue, quality leather, strong and friction resistant belt buckle, guarantee the product warranty!


——1.33 inches wide 

——16 different sizes are available ,Available for waistlines up to 32-62

——4 MM(1.33“) thick ensures the belt strap cannot be easily broken or stretched ou


5、Size Reference:

Belt Size 32”——Waist/Pants Size 30”

Belt Size 34”——Waist/Pants Size 32” 

Belt Size 36”——Waist/Pants Size 34” 

Belt Size 38”——Waist/Pants Size 36” 

Belt Size 40”——Waist/Pants Size 38” 

Belt Size 42”——Waist/Pants Size 40” 

Belt Size 44”——Waist/Pants Size 42” 

Belt Size 46”——Waist/Pants Size 44” 

Belt Size 48”——Waist/Pants Size 46”

Belt Size 50”——Waist/Pants Size 48” 

Belt Size 52”——Waist/Pants Size 50” 

Belt Size 54”——Waist/Pants Size 52” 

Belt Size 56”——Waist/Pants Size 54” 

Belt Size 58”——Waist/Pants Size 56” 

Belt Size 60”——Waist/Pants Size 58”

Belt Size 62”——Waist/Pants Size 60”